In the not too distant future, my daughter will be born. Of course, in the first months, she will sleep next to our bed. As my wife needs to feed the baby in the night, we were searching for a night light. It should be super simple. Just a button to turn on the light, best would be red light. However most of the night lights that you can buy either are very expensive or they have motion sensors or some fancy stuff that you don’t need.

After some time I decided to build a super simple night light myself…

My wife likes to grow her own vegetables on our balcony. The problem with this however is, that one also needs to water the plants (first world problems right?)

As the tech guy I am, I was going a little bit wild last summer and build a Homekit enabled solution to water the plants. Every day at 8 in the morning and 7 in the evening, it was watering the plants for a couple of minutes.

It works great, but the system was not aware of the temperature or if it was raining, that is why it also watered the…

Christian Kellner

Working @Instana, Loving tech {}

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