Building a Homekit enabled weather station using Homebridge and an ESP8266

A few key points that it should fulfill

  • detecting rain and make Homekit aware of this
  • measuring the temperature, creating a chart out of the historical values and make Homekit aware of the current temperature
  • Using as little power as possible
  • Using a battery/Powerbank to be able to move the system to any place



Problem I, finding the matching usb driver

Problem II, Mac does not detect the ESP8266

Problem III, Powerbank turning itself off after x minutes


  • Using Homebridge as the receiver of the sensor data
  • Having historical data of the temperature and how much power I have left in the Powerbank
Architecture to enable historic data with Homekit




Historical data of power consumption and temperature data


Creating the needed contact sensor for the rain detection

Putting it all together

Everything waterproof
Will never win a price for the most beautiful installation, but hey, it works ;)

Power consumption / Powerbank

Power consumption data



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